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Tonight I'm staying at Driftwood Resort in Florence Oregon. Actually, I'm staying here tonight and tomorrow night. The Florence Chamber of Commerce arranged for me to get 2 complimentary nights here at the Driftwood Resort. Reservations were already made a couple months ago. It'll feel good to take a day off tomorrow and get some R&R. My motel room has a beautiful ocean view with a sliding glass door that puts you right on the beach. Can you believe that so far on this trip I haven't been out on the beach yet? I'm sure that will change tomorrow, though. Actually, at some point I'd like to walk several miles of my walk right on the beach. I'm not sure where I'll do that, but I suppose I should ask around. I'll be staying here at the motel Thursday night, all day Friday & Saturday morning. If you feel like giving me a call, here's the number: 541-997-8263 Rm 108.
Here are some fun Oregon facts:
* Where the name "Oregon" came from is sort of a mystery. Many believe it's an old indian word that means "River of the West."
* Oregon's birthday is Valentines Day, 1859.
* Oregon's leading industries are Tourism, High Technology, Forest Products, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Metals, Fisheries, Aerospace and Environmental Services.
* Oregon is the 10th largest state in terms of size, but only 28th in terms of population. About half of its 3.3 million people live around Portland.
* The Columbia River Gorge is the country's only National Scenic Area.
* Nearly half of Oregon's 97,073 square miles is forested, creating a lot of public land and a great deal of shade per capita.
* A large amount of that shade comes from 41 national champion trees, including the largest coastal Douglas Fir, black cottonwood, big leaf maple, California black oak, and Sitka spruce.
* Oregon has over 6,000 lakes, plus 112,000 miles of rivers and streems.
* Oregon's highest elevation point is Mt Hood at 11,240 feet; the lowest point kind of varies with the tide.
* By law, the entire 400-mile coastline belongs to the public.
* The Oregon legislature introduced the first bottle bill in the US in 1971.
* Oregon has 13 downhill ski areas.
* Oregon gas station attendants are required by law to pump your gas for you.
* The deepest lake in the United States is Crater Lake at 1,932 ft.
* There are more than 5,800 registered campsites in Oregon, a lot of places to toast your marshmallows.

Take care, and call me if you feel like it. Later! KB

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