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Ely Nevada 

6/19/01 6:31:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I've really enjoyed my few days in Ely, a VERY friendly town. I took a ride on the Ghost Train of Old Ely -- Baldwin Steam Engine #40. Number 40 was built in 1910 and was used exclusively to haul freight &
passangers between Ely & Cobre in Elko County, where the Nevada Northern Railway Shortline connected with the east-west mainline. The ride was 2 hrs long and heads west out of Ely, goes through a couple tunnels, passes the site & rubble of Lane City, a nearby ghost town, and ends at the Keystone Mining District before going back to Ely. I thought one of the most interesting parts of the trip was when we passed a ditch and there were 4 or 5 old mining carts embedded into the wall of the ditch! I'd like to go back and get a picture of that.
After that I went to White Pine Public Museum and enjoyed that. They had a lot of railroad & mining stuff outside of the museum. The lady was so interested in my story that she said she'd contact the newspaper.
I went to a gift shop here in Ely & bought 2 magnets for my fridge. The lady asked me where I was from & I told her my story. She then opened up her cash register and gave me the money back that I paid for the magnets. She also put several post cards in my sack, too. She gave me a cold can of pop, told me of all the local area interests, and helped me box up some books to mail back to Kansas. She's now on my email list. Thanks Donna, for all you've done for me! I also bought a t-shirt there that says "I Survived US 50 The Lonliest Road In America."
I went to get a haircut today, and the lady there did it for free. She also said she'd drive me out to see 6 35 ft high, beehive-shaped ovens
built around 1876 to produce charcoal for the smelter serving the gold mines at Ward. She also said she'd drive me back to where I saw the mining carts on the train ride.
Today I also found out that this motel is only charging me $15/night ($35 regular.) He also drove me to the train depot 2 miles away so I wouldn't have to walk (imagine that!) Yep, these people are pretty friendly out here, I must admit.
I've also been getting some great email messages. The Epilepsy Foundation in Washington contacted the Ep. Found. in Salt Lake City and they emailed me saying they'd like to help. Also the same thing happenedd with the Ep. Found. in Grand Jct. Colorado. The Ep. Found. in Pueblo contacted Grand Jct and they contacted me.
I also got a real positive note from The Chamber of Commerce in Olney, Illinois.
Closer at hand, the Ch. of Comm. and the Lions Club in Delta UT are getting ready to help me across the desert, as is the Hinckley UT Lions Club, too.
I also got a great note from Navy Lieut. Dan Rader, stationed near Saudia Arabia. He's the grandson of the people I stayed with in Sparks NV.
I'll attend a Lions Mtg tomorrow at noon, then on thurs will begin walking east from here. Y'all take care! KB

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