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Spanish Fork, Utah

What is the city but the people?
William Shakespeare

Howdy Everyone!
Pam-the-nice-hairdreser is still helping me out. On Tuesday I plan to walk to Spanish Fork where her niece Becky lives. Becky will haul my cart for me and let me spend the night at her house.
On Wednesday I'll walk to Provo and then contact the Epilepsy Foundation in SLC. They emailed me and said they'd have a place for me to stay in SLC and that I should contact them when I get to Provo.
Plus Pam-the-nice-hairdresser has a brother & sister-in-law who live in SLC, and they will let me stay with them on sat & sun. They also said they'd take me to see the Mormon Tabernacle & show me around town.
Then on sun or mon I will (somehow) get back to Provo and hit the dusty trail once again. When I leave Provo I'll be heading east to Heber City.
Y'all take care and have a great day! KB

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