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Abilene Kansas

10/21/01 3:37:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

I had no intention to go to Oklahoma on this trip, but Oklahoma it was! While I was in McPherson visiting with Verla Thomason, she invited me to go with her on a day-trip put on by the Chamber of Commerce.
The trip was to Ponca City, OK, and there were around 25 or so of us. We visited the Cultural Center, Marland Mansion Estate, the Ponca Theatre, the Library -- where I saw some Sandzen paintings -- Standing Bear Monument, and Cann Memorial Garden. We ate at The Apple Cart Restaurant. The weather was absolutely beautiful that day, and I thoroughly enjoyed the bus trip.
Probably the funniest part of the trip was when we drove by a house that had 2 large dogs sleeping on the roof of the house!
This wkend I headed for Abilene, KS. Terryl Myers, a friend at work, met me in Abilene and we went out to eat at Brookville Hotel.
I was able to tour the Eisenhower Center where I saw Eisenhowers family home, Museum & Visitors Center. I also visited the American Indian Art Center, Greyhound Hall of Fame, a Russell Stover Factory Outlet, and ate at the Kirby House.
Abilene, known as the "wickedist & wildest town in the west," was located along the Chisholm Trail during the late 1800's. The name Abilene means "city of the plains" and was selected from Luke 3:1 in the Bible.
Over 3M head of Texas Longhorn cattle arrived in Abilene between the yrs of 1867-1872 to be shipped east by rail. Abilene became a booming cattle town with the largest stockyards west of Kansas City, and plenty of saloons, night clubs, gambling houses, thriving businesses & hotels. Tom Smith & Wild Bill Hickok tried to maintain law & order on the streets of Abilene.
When I got to Chapman today (sunday,) the town was quiet and closed up. Not much activity going on in Chapman on Sunday. So I kept
on going and finally got to Junction City. I realized today as I was pushing my cart that Kansas is not flat and the Flint Hills are hilly!
As I was walking today, 2 little Benji-type dogs started following me.
Everyone at the house was calling & whistling for the dogs, but they kept following me. So I walked back to the house and they put the dogs inside.
Then farther on, a lady hollered at me and asked if I was ok. We visited for awhile, and I told her about my walk. She works at the Fort Riley base and said she'd try to line up a tour of the base for me.
Wouldn't that be great?!
I'll be here at Motel 6 in Junction City sunday night, all day monday & mon night. Call me if you'd like: ph# 785-762-2215 Rm 109. Take care!


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