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Subj: Kansas City, Missouri
Date: 11/20/2002 10:48:19 AM Pacific Standard Time

Howdy Everyone!
   I went to two church services at two churches in Albia, Iowa on sunday.  I
attended the early service at the Lutheran Church and gave a talk there, then
attended the 11:00 service at the Methodist Church and gave a talk there!  I
spent the night with Pastor Richard & Lois Peterson and then headed out monday
   I had 22 miles to go on monday, so I got an early start.  But first I
stopped off at the local cafe to get some breakfast.  I visited some with the
locals who were there, and when I left, not only did I get a free meal, but an
extra $70 in my pocket!
   I got into Centerville around 3pm, just before it started to rain.  The
person whom I was suppose to contact was working at the library, so that's
where I headed.  She then called up someone else, who then came and picked me
up.  I enjoyed staying at her house, and was planning on heading out the next
   However, I ended up jumping in the back of a pickup truck and hitching a
ride almost clear down to Kansas City.  He dumped me out at the police station
in Cameron MO, and I called up Peggy in Kansas City.  She then came out and
loaded me up and hauled me to her house, so now I'm back in familiar
territory.  I'll spend a few days here in KC and will be back in McPherson by
this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again.
   Awhile back I had mentioned that I had some of my t-shirts for sale.  I
plan on having some made up for me, and if anyone would like to order one, I'd
be happy to have one made for you, too.
         (covers shirt and shipping)
                  M - XXL
               Send check to:
      Karla Brown
                PO Box 272
                Galva KS  67443

Thanks for all your help, and have a great day! KB

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