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Subj: Darien, Georgia
Date: 7/17/03 4:43:03 PM !!!First Boot!!!

When I got to Brunswick, I was still having trouble with yet another tire that went flat on me, so I pulled into a Wal-Mart and visited with the manager.  So far on this trip, Wal-Mart has provided any work on my tires for free, as this one did also.  All I wanted was a new innertube for the front wheel, but they replaced the entire front wheel unit -- rim, spokes, inner tube and tire -- and sent me on my merry little way.
   From Brunswick I headed north to Darien.  A few miles before I got there, I pulled into the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation State Historic Site, what use to be a thriving rice plantation along the Altamaha River
   While there, I got to visiting with Andy Beckman, who works at the park.  He has hiked the Appalachian Trail, so we had a lot to talk about. He invited me to attend bible study with him that evening, so I said sure.  There at church, I met several more people, including Dennis & Bootie Goodrich.  Dennis owns the Napa store in Darien, but lives in Eulonia, the next town I was heading to.  So the next day I stayed at their house.  Then Dennises brother also owns a Napa Store in the next town, Midway.  So they hauled my cart and put me up in that town. 
   From there I headed for Richmond Hill, just south of Savannah.  The KOA Kampground let me stay for free, and even let me stay in a cabin.  That was really neat, especially becaused it rained all night!  By 4:00am I was up and heading into Savannah.  The heat and humidity is miserable out here, so my days have been starting pretty early so I can beat the heat and be done by noon. 

Subj: Savannah, part II
Date: 7/17/03 4:43:05 PM !!!First Boot!!!

   I was able to see quite a bit of Savannah.  Checking out the parks and museums was fun, and I also visited the fire station and police station to get a patch from each one.  I especially enjoyed the trolley rides that I took.  They were very informative and pointed out a lot of neat things.  Plus you could jump on and off all day long, so that made it easy to get around.  I toured the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, browsed downtown shops, and spent some time down along the riverfront.  Lined with cobblestone streets and many, many shops, the trolley driver said it best when she said "down here you can shop and eat, and shop and eat, and shop and eat." 
   I was waiting around to go on a free Riverboat Cruise and noticed there were quite a bit of pigeons around, so I went into one of the restaurants and paid a dollar for several slices of bread.  While I was feeding the birds, there were a few birds that would land on my hand and eat out of my hand.
   At noon I was heading back downtown to the businesses and restaurants, and noticed a black lady who was nicely dressed.  Assuming she worked at one of the offices there, I asked her where I could get a cheap lunch.  She said she was heading for a hotdog stand, and that I should follow her.  So I did.  We visited a bit, and a block later we were there.  She placed her order, and then asked me what I wanted.  I said oh no, that I'd pay for my own.  She told me to go ahead and order, and I said no, that's all right.  She then told me to not take the blessing away from her, and that I was holding up the line, so ORDER.  So I did.  I have no idea who she was, but bless her heart she bought me 2 hotdogs and a drink. 
   I had a great time in Savannah, and on wednesday morning I was heading out of town early, when only a few walkers and joggers were out.  I crossed over a big, BIG bridge and landed in South Carolina.  From there I headed to Pritchardville, around 18 miles away.  Halfway there I made a pit stop at the Pink Pig, a good BarBQue shack in Levy.
She tanked me up and sent me out the door and on my way again.  I got into Pritchardville that evening, and am staying at the local fire station.  This is a BRAND NEW fire station -- so new that it's not even staffed yet, but it will be by next month.  So new that the plastic wrap is still on the mattresses.  So new that the showers haven't been used, and the cupboards are all bare.  So new that it hasn't been lived in.  And they're letting me stay here!  The place is immaculately clean, and, well, just SO NEW.  Donn, the guy in charge with PR at the main fire station in Bluffton, has contacted all the news media, so they'll be stopping by here today.   Take care and have a great day!  KB

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