I did it, I accomplished one of the secret goals on my trip.

During my tour of the continent I had accumulated well over 24,900 miles of travel on my trip.

   So, you may ask, just why was this number so special?

Its very simple. The circumference of the earth is 24,900 miles around.

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Which means that, theoretically, I had traveled enough miles to have completely gone all the way around the world.

Now as I was checking my odometer reading, and I crossed the estimated key point, no, I did not get off the bike and dance around. I am fully aware that I may or may not have officially crossed this threshold at that moment. I had to take into consideration for the accuracy of my odometer and my calculations of the three ferry rides which totaled up to approximately 1,500 of those counted miles.

But in any case, I was quite pleased by this accomplishment as I continued my journey for about another 5,000 miles. Knowing that I did, in fact, at some point, reach that goal.


We so often don't really think when we look down at our odometer readings in our vehicles. But when you put it into a different perspective we can then realize the magnitude of it when we add up how many times we could have gone around the world. Now I realize that 24,900 miles isn't really all that much on a vehicle but this is all during this one trip, on a motorcycle. 

But when you get a chance, look at your odometer in your car, or truck, or whatever it is that you drive and think about it. Many of you may have 100,000 or more miles on your vehicle. So just stop to think about how far that actually is.


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