Arizona (Interstate 8) 

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A special thank you to Leon Toson of Encinitas, CA
And to Brett Willard, also of Encinitas, CA

Starting on Monday, October 14, 2002, 11:20:02 AM

I made my way through San Diego and up to Encinitas to the Kinko's there and worked on my web site and email for a little bit until the morning when I called my friend and went over to his house. I stayed there for a few nights and headed east towards Arizona.

Here's a shot I got of the beach just before I left.

Not far down the road I picked up interstate 8 and headed east. Right outside of San Diego and just over a few passes the terrain returned to the familiar desert landscape I had become so used to.

Just prior to Yuma, AZ I stopped off of the side of the freeway to get a look at the Imperial Sand Dunes. This place was pretty neat. Although I still can't seem to grasp the fascination, even within myself, of nothing but sand.

The hills were crawling with people on little four wheel ATV's as they rode up and down and around. It was almost difficult for me to get some of the shots without tire tracks all through the picture.

The sun began to set as I approached Tucson again. I was trying to make it back to Tucson within a reasonable hour so I wouldn't have to wake my aunt and uncle.

I made the occasional stops to try to capture some of the brilliant colors of the setting sun on the desert horizon. 

Although it was a beautiful sunset it just really didn't pan out to be near as impressive as I had hoped.


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