Baja South (Sierra de San Lazaro) 

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Starting on Monday, October 07, 2002, 11:52:14 AM

Down hwy 1 from La Paz I run through the Sierra de San Lazaro mountains. A great drive for a motorcycle might not be the best in a car or a truck. With lots of winding roads that go up and down through the mountains it was a blast and I almost wished that I didn't have all my gear with me. Of course some of the roads were new and some were old. It made for an interesting trip. I loved the smooth, newly paved roads but boy when they were old, they were really in bad shape. I had to be very careful and keep my eyes open for holes in the pavement. Holes that may jar a truck or car could swallow the tire of my motorcycle and send me hurling through the air.

I stopped to get this picture of a tree that appeared to be growing out of the side and crack of a rock.

Dropping down out of the hills I found this little town on the beach. Baja's shores are certainly beautiful places to visit but the inner part of the Peninsula, as it turns out, is quite desolate and barren.

I saw lots of these pretty red flowers growing all alongside the road that made me realize that I wasn't totally in the desert.

After I dropped down out of the mountains I could look off to my right and see that it was actually raining in the mountains. Somebody had told me that it hardly ever rains in Baja but I later learned that it rains quite a bit up in the mountains but that's pretty much the only places it does rain.

I drove on and watched some of this rain as it totally saturated the mountains. It even rained some on me as I drove through the area. I then started to get a little concerned of some of the many places of the highway that get flooded and washed out from the rain in the hills. I kept close attention as I dropped down into those areas.

I eventually made my way to San Jose' del Cabo. Lined along the beach were quite a few large hotels and I learned that this is almost as popular a spot as Cabo San Lucas. 

However nice this place seemed, I kept on going to reach the "land's end". The most southern tip of Baja and the lowest point of my journey.

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