California (Yosemite 1)

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Starting on Tuesday, September 24, 2002, 4:48:08 PM

Just past Mono Lake is the junction to highway 120 and to Yosemite through the Tioga pass. On up the hills I head into some amazing looking mountains. I was getting a little concerned that I would be arriving a little late to get pictures of the park before the sun went down.

The view back along the highway was impressive and spectacular.

The canyon was quite steep and the small valley at the bottom was way down.

I made it to the top of the pass an the entrance to the park. The entrance to Yosemite is at 9,945 feet.

Although there was so much amazing things to see on this part of the park the most impressive was on the opposite side and the sun was still declining further towards the horizon.

Huge stones and mounds protrude from the ground creating almost alien landscapes. They don't seem like they belong in this part of the world as they pop up and stand out from the surrounding forests.

I wanted to take more time to go hiking and exploring but felt like I'd better keep going before it got too dark.

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