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Thank you so much to my friends Matt and Amanda Wetzel of Longmont, CO

Also thanks to my friends Ree Hansen, Jeff Eilbeck, and Anna Sherrick of Loveland and Greeley, CO

Starting on Friday, October 18, 2002, 8:25:30 AM

On into Colorado I looked around for camp grounds or somewhere I could stop and pitch my tent. There wasn't any rain so I felt comfortable in camping for the night. The road was getting very cold and I was getting quite tired of riding in the frigid temperatures. "Wind Chill" is an ugly term at this point. I want to drive faster to get to my next destination quicker. But the faster I go, the colder it gets. But the slower, the longer it takes to get there. I finally stopped to get gas in a small town off the side of the freeway. Right behind the gas station was a small hill and a road where there had been some construction. They had leveled off a nice area overlooking the town. I pulled up there, pitched my tent and curled up in my sleeping bag for the rest of the evening. In the morning I awoke early and climbed out. It was still quite cold out. Frost had covered my helmet and bike. 

I rode on east up the mountain pass. I pulled off in Vail to get some gas but found it to be quite expensive so I decided to drive on a little further. I found myself on top of the pass above the snow line. It was quite cold up here but the view at the top was extrordinary.

I didn't get to see all of the things that I had planned in Colorado but I did manage to see some really neat stuff. Since my time had become more valuable than some of the sights I needed to keep on moving. Now more of a mission of completion rather than of sight seeing, I have shortened my plans and my route.

I stayed with some friends in the Loveland and Greeley area for a night and then with some friends in Longmont for another evening. I headed south towards one of my destinations, Pike's Peak. When I finally got there I headed up the road to the mountain only to find out that it was closed. They close the road up to the top at 3:00 PM and I was about thirty minutes too late. Not feeling like I could afford another night I turned around. On the way back down and towards the interstate I saw the signs for the Garden of the Gods. I had been told by many people to visit this place so I did.

    It was quite impressive the way all the rock formations were laying around. These things surely didn't look like they belonged there. It was almost like somebody had stacked them that way on purpose. But who, and why?

I drove on, hoping that I'd be able to see more of this wondrous place before the sun finally went behind the mountains.

At one point I could see people all over the rocks. Climbing with full gear and many more just scrambling around the lower rocks. 

One rock formation looked rather interesting to me, From a distance it looked very and then as I got closer it almost looked like two hands clasped together as if to be praying.


I saw quit a few of the magpies again there in Colorado. They must like the colder climates because that seems to be the only places that I have seen them.

I drove on down south on interstate 25 towards New Mexico.

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