Washington DC (The End)

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Thursday, November 14, 2002, 2:51:20 AM

I finally made it to Washington D.C. and rode around town to see some of the sights that I hadn't seen since I left, over four months prior. It felt strange to be back here and especially at the time that I did get there. I thought it was strange as I looked around. It was about 30 degrees that night and there were people out jogging around in their shorts. I stopped to get a few pictures of the Washington Monument, where I had stood in July, taking pictures of the fireworks.

I set the camera down and took some pictures of myself. Now I must emphasize that I had a lot of layers on at the time. I am really not that fat.

I drove over to the Lincoln Memorial and got a few pictures from there looking back at the Washington Monument and the Capital Building in the back ground.

I drove over to the Capital Building and got some pictures from there as well.

I figured that George was asleep so I didn't take any pictures of the White House.

I felt strange. I had made it. I had accomplished this trip. After so many people cheered me on, after so many people helped me and supported me and even after so many had said that I wouldn't do it. I had made it. The trip was finished. There was only about fifty miles left to get home. 

"Home", a word that sounded so very strange to me at this point. 

I was going home.

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