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Thank you Clive Sarvich of Indianapolis, IN
and John Smith of Indianapolis, IN

Starting on July 26, 2002, 4:34:20 AM

On the road into and through Indiana. East of Indianapolis I stopped off the side of the road. The moon shining through the clouds was an incredible sight. There were actually moon beams breaking through the clouds. I tried to capture them but just couldn't quite get the visual. While taking the exposure images I got a few trucks passing by and actually enjoyed the images from that. I know, I can be a little odd at times.

On a little further I was keeping an eye on the sunrise and stopped at a rest area beside a field of green beans and got the following pictures.

I just caught the weather report for this area on and it just says thunderstorms.  think I'd better get out of Dodge. I know I'm not in Dodge right now but I probably should be. I'll bet its not raining there.

Click here for the story about the thunderstorm I ran into

Then follow me on up to Michigan and the worst roads I have been on yet.

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