The Money

Well, if you've made it here I apologize now.

This is my complaint page. There's not much to say about the financial aspects of my trip. Now I'm not going to beg and I'm sure I'll survive after this trip but for now, the money is looking pretty bleak. Although I have had a flood of moral support and there's been tons of practical assistance here and there, I still have not received very much money. In fact I am going down hill and am afraid that I will never have or make any money to give to the Nature Conservancy.

If you have any connections with any organizations that would love to be generous to what I would consider a worthy cause then please feel free to send them this way. 

I feel that I am providing a service for a wide range of people. I truly feel gratifies that I am able to share this trip in this manner and love the fact that so many people are enjoying my pictures and stories. It is definitely giving me a satisfaction that I didn't expect. 

I will still maintain my current course and plans and dump what I can into it. I do feel that I have enough resources to complete my trip but may not have any left to pay bills when I return.

I hate to ask for money so take your own initiative and do what you can to help.

    In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy this beautiful country before its all a big parking lot.

So, get off of this page and don't look back. Don't say that you were ever here. Its an ugly portion of my web site and I apologize for putting it on here. I will possibly fill in more blanks here as I find the time and need to vent so don't come back unless you're a gluten for punishment.


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