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Nebraska was a cold place at this moment of my trip. I was sure wishing I had taken the time out earlier in my trip to hit Nebraska on my way across the top of the country. At this moment the weather had came in and it was snowing in parts of Nebraska. Fortunately, for me, it was all further to the north and west. While observing the satellite images on the internet I saw that there was just the very south-east tip of the state that was safe from the elements. I headed up there to try to catch that corner and then immediately head back south.

After changing my very first, original plans to hit Nebraska from the north, I had to change them and then planned on hitting Nebraska from the south, straight up 81 from Wichita. But then I noticed the weather had covered my projected path with rain. So I decided to take the dreaded toll way, 35 up towards Topeka and Kansas City. From Topeka I took the small, two-lane highway, 75, on up into Nebraska. I was then planning on taking highway 75 all the way up to highway 136, then cut across to interstate 29, which would take me back down south to Kansas City. Unfortunately that didn't work too well either. Just as I crossed the border into Nebraska it began to rain little bit. A very cold rain. As I drove on up into Nebraska I noticed that there was snow mixed in with the rain. Well, that convinced me. I turned around and headed back south. I found a smaller highway, 73, to cut over to 159 and on into Missouri and up to interstate 29. 

For a while I had been keeping an eye on my friend, Karla's progress. She had just gotten past Platteville, WI and was going to be somewhere close to Dubuque. I had thought about going a little out of the way and actually run into her again. Of course this time on purpose.

The wet drive up through Oklahoma and Kansas had taken its toll on me and all I wanted to do was head south and find the warmth. I quickly took off of the main road and darted off to the east to get out of this cold, winter climate. 

Actually the road that I took was quite nice. The rain had stopped and changed to drizzle I was actually enjoying the ride. I made it to the really small town of Rulo and to the neatest old bridge that crossed the Missouri River into, you guessed it, "Missouri".

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