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Starting on Monday, September 23, 2002, 6:53:06 PM

I made my way into Reno but didn't take any pictures of the city. It was night time when I got there and the city was all lit up but, for some reason I didn't take any pictures of the city. I still don't know why myself.

I did manage to find my way to the Kinko's there in town and check my email and update a few things on my web site.

After I left it was almost morning so I headed down the highway, back down 395, towards Carson City. I stopped along the way and got some of these images as the sun was beginning to rise.


I stopped and got off the highway and found a drive that went over to Washoe Lake where I took a break and a few naps. 

There was not much to see there at the lake but it was quite peaceful and there was nobody around. 

I watched this hawk as it flew around the field, making an occasional stop on the ground to pick up a rodent here and there.

Then, off in the distance a guy stopped off of the highway and let his dog out to run for a while. The dog ran across the field, stopped to greet me and went on its way and back to the man. The man was doing some strange dance out in the field. I guess he was stretching himself but it did look a little strange.

As I lay there I fell asleep again but was awoken by a very strange noise. It was very faint but still caught my attention. Sometimes you can hear some of the most interesting things when there is no other noise around. I looked up and saw, in the sunlight, hundreds of tiny gnats or flies of some kind. The noise I heard was a very faint whirring sound. The sound of hundreds of tiny wings flapping in the wind. I watched them as they hovered over me. They never landed on me but they kept flying up and down and all around the general vicinity. I watched them for a while and headed on my way.

Then I headed on south to Carson where I stopped and got something to eat and then down and out to the desert.

Not too far down the road I would cut back into California again on my way towards Yosemite.

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