Oregon (Crescent Mt 3)

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Back down the other side of the mountain I got this shot looking up to the peak before I headed back down the trail on the other side. I made my way back around to the original trail, although the hiking trail does extend for many miles off beyond. I didn't feel like walking all that way back to where I was parked.

So many different plants, as they often do, caught my eye along the way.

I had the wonderful opportunity to see a few Osprey while I was hiking. I saw a few of them flying around and landed in a tree off in the distance. I got off of the trail to try to get a closer shot and was so very disappointed when it flew off before I got it. Upon returning back to the trail I saw a strange shadow on the ground pass very quickly past my own. I looked up to see an Osprey right above my head. It was looking right at me. My camera was already on so I quickly pointed it up just as the bird turned to take a dive. As it dove I could tell that it was wanting to get a closer look at me and got the shot of it examining me. I was so thrilled that I got the shot.

Looking off to the southwest in this shot.

Back along the trail down towards the creek I took a strange picture of the reflection of my hand and arm. Yeah, I'm a little odd at times.

I took a break along the creek when I found this cluster of wild blueberries. I think that I ate all of them and I surely hope that some poor animal didn't starve because I ravaged their food source.

I found some interesting mushrooms and took this picture. I thought they were so cool that I did a little graphic manipulation and placed myself on top of them. You can browse through my image archives to find that one amongst the "Graphicals".

I walked a little further over to Lava Lake to get these shots of the area, showing that there doesn't appear to be any water in the area. It was a little dry, being that it was in the middle of the summer but this place is truly a real neat place to explore.


The sun was beginning to set behind the Crescent Mountain peak in this next image. Then got the one after that of Foster Lake on my way back to my sister's house.

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