South Dakota (Badlands)

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Thank you to Fred & Ivy Gali of Spearfish, SD

Starting on August 03, 2002, 3:59:52 PM

I pulled off the freeway at exit 131 and highway 240 which is the Badlands National Park loop highway. There at the gas station and convenience store were hundreds of bikers. There was bikers all over. There were many of them just taking a final break before their 100 more miles to Sturgis. Many more were like me and taking a tour of the park.

From a distance you could see that this was going to be interesting. Such an amazing contrast from the soft, flat landscape we had just come from.

An alien landscape this was. Harsh cliffs and deep ravines carved out this whole countryside. At the beginning of the drive you could see where the nice smooth prairie just cut and dropped off and into a totally different world. Which makes it even more appropriate that they have filmed numerous movies here, including various scenes from the science fiction motion picture, "Starship Troopers".


I took picture after picture as I drove through the park and was fascinated with ever turn and around every corner. I had taken my helmet off and was enjoying the scenery and the wind blowing through my hair. Don't worry, I usually ride with my helmet on but there's those times that its so nice to enjoy the elements and feel the ride.

Sorry, not much smiling here as the bugs tend to be attracted to large, wide openings.


I met a guy that asked if I could take his picture so I did and he offered to take mine. Just on his way back through he had already been to and through Sturgis.


I also met a group of nice young girls that were on their way back to New York and had driven al the way around the country in the opposite direction as my route. However, they did not catch Florida or Baja or traversed all the way to Alaska I had to give them credit for making the journey that they had. Quite an impressive trip they had already been on. I still feel that mine is just beginning.


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