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I spent a very short time in Virginia before I crossed over into West Virginia. But since I have been living in Virginia for the past five years I felt that I really didn't need to focus on it quite as much. I do have quite an assortment of images in my archives. Please go there to check it out and see some of the beauty that this state has to offer.

One of the signs I really wanted to get on my trip is like the one below. Now I am perplexed. Can somebody tell me how an aircraft is going to "Enforce" the speed limit? I envisioned gun turrets. A few states that I drove through had signs of this same nature but one actually had a neat little image of an airplane. I wished I had got one of those so I could touch it up on the computer.

As I drove through towards West Virginia I stopped and got off a few shots heading into the Appalachian Mountains. Now, since the Appalachians are not that tall, people on the west (left) coast and in the Rockies will definitely argue that these are not really mountains at all and by comparison I would have to agree. But compared to the surrounding area they are by definition and are quite beautiful and even breathtaking at times. I have seen some of the most amazing sunsets from up there and have gotten lots of incredible pictures there myself.

The sun began to go down and it was getting quite cold as I gained a little altitude and headed further north. All three of these factors were reminding me that this final leg of my journey was going to be a cold one.

   I had taken a motorcycle trip back in April of 1999 where I drove to Texas and back. Most of the trip was fine until I got about an hour south of Richmond, VA where the temperature dropped very quickly and was almost unbearable.

This time I knew I could handle it after all of the elements that I had endured on this trip.

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