Why The Nature Conservancy?


    When planning my trip I was thinking that I might just be able to generate money from enough generous people to be able to pay for my trip. After all, who wouldn't want to tour the country and have it paid for by others.

    Well, I do provide a little bit of entertainment here with all the pictures. I figured people would be happy to give a few cents here and there. Well, that they have, and then some. Even before I decided to donate the proceeds people where helping in many ways. Of course not enough to pay for my trip.

    But I wasn't looking to get rich here, I just wanted a little help from all the people that enjoy my web site.

    So for quite some time I'd been perplexed with where to donate money to. What charity? What organization? Then who could I trust? I didn't want to donate and fill the pockets of some fly-by-night "Yahoo" just out there to make a buck.

    Well one day I went over to a friend's house. She was having problems dealing with a big black snake that had made a home under her house and was running around in her back yard.

    I ended up catching the snake which turned out to be about five and a half feet long. I put it in a bag and took it with me.
    The next day I went for a walk and took the snake about a quarter of a mile out into the woods behind my apartment. I found this beautiful clearing that I had enjoyed several times in the past and released the snake onto a nice tree which it took off and seemed to enjoy its new freedom.

    One week later, while working on a video for church, I decided to go out to the same location for a shot and found that it wasn't there any more.
    The whole area had been leveled by bulldozers. The clearing, the trees, and obviously, the snake. I'm not sure if the snake was there when they tore it up or if it got away.

    Now, I know that it was just a simple snake, it was just a clearing that nobody cared about, it was just a bunch of trees. But the whole thing made me sick and I just wonder where it will ever end.

    I then knew deep down where I wanted the money to go. We need to protect all of our natural resources and wildlife.

    Now I enjoy change and growth as much as the next person but is it really necessary to destroy a beautiful wooded area when there's so many open, empty fields around?

    So help me, help us all. Let's get together and make a difference. Donate and I promise that I will not abuse the money and it will go to the Nature Conservancy. Please check out their web site and see all of what they do. Its not just in our own back yard.


    Thanks for all your support.


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