Mr Fabulous

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  Title Audio File Lyrics
1. It's Cold Outside WMA HTM
2. Only Human not available


3. Why Wasn't I There? not available not available
4. Cloud Dancer WMA instrumental
5. The Gravity of Love WMA HTM
6. The Sound Of Falling MP3 instrumental

    "Mr Fabulous" is a CD project that, like most of them, is still in the works. Dedicated to skydiving and to the memory of a good friend, Dan Fabio (aka Mr. Fabulous) this project should have been done a long time ago. "Don't worry, Dan, I haven't given up or forgotten". Life just seems to keep getting in the way.

    Two major key songs have been written and one recorded. "It's Cold Outside" keeps changing and I keep having a difficult time in trying to make up my mind what the title should be. "It's Cold Inside" is another, and "I Won't Go Home" has been the other. In any case, the song is about that feeling you get when somebody is gone from your life, and you just don't want to go home because it reminds you too much of them. Then my thoughts of it being so cold and empty inside, just as much as it is outside. Either way, it was tough for many of us to return to our drop zone after we lost Dan. But time heals and leaves us with scars and memories. And we all grow and cherish a part of that person that is still in our thoughts and hearts.
    This actual recording has still not been finished and needed a bit of polishing up. You can definitely hear some timing mistakes and off-key singing. But after I recorded what you hear, I lost all the files and tracks, and have not gotten around to re-recording it. But in thinking about the circumstances, I might just leave it as is. Because I'm just not sure if I would ever be able to record it again and do it any better justice than this version. Because it was composed, written, and recorded during an intense emotional time frame.

    Another song, "Only Human" has been a very personal and favorite endeavor that I have been trying to get recorded for some time. Sorry I don't have a sample available for that one yet. But there are lyrics if you follow the above link.

    "Let me Tell You a Secret" or "Why Wasn't I There?" hopes to be a very intense song about the anguish we feel when there might have been something somebody could have done. Again, there is no sample for this piece yet either.

    Another piece I wanted to include in this endeavor would hope to be a beautiful instrumental entitled "Mr Fabulous". But I have not even gotten started on it other than a few slight melodies here and there. But nothing substantial yet. "Talk to me, Dan."

    I added the song "The Gravity of Love" to the mix, since it was, in some ways, inspired by skydiving. I had hoped to create and include more songs and music dedicated to this incredible sport that Dan and I, as well as our whole skydive family, loved so well and passionately.

    "The Sound Of Falling" was just recently added to this mix, as I felt it had a very strong feel to it, and something I would imagine flying to. And, adding it to this collection also gave me the notion to finish naming this piece. For a long time it has only been called "The Sound Of...", waiting for something to compel me to complete it. "Thanks Dan".
    Now, you may think of skydiving, and the thought of dropping from the sky at more than 120 miles per hour as being intense and fast paced, and you might imagine a completely different and aggressive style of music for the event. But quite often it's also about a free feeling of floating and flying. Then, under the parachute, flying and drifting thousands of feet above the earth, it can be one of the most peaceful experiences in the world.

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