Take Me Home

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Eternal Love, Eternal Life
That leads me, to seek the, eternal home
Oh my Lord, take me home 

All my memories, flash before me
As I, go to my, eternal home
All our hopes and dreams, Are so small it seems
As I, go to my, eternal home
Oh my Lord, take me home
Oh my God, take me home


This piece, just like all my others, is still being worked on in the studio. This rough cut here is an un-edited sample.

It had taken a month or so before the song actually came to be a "song". I was just playing around with some of the patterns on the guitar a little here and there and then the words came to me one day and presented it as a possibility for a song.

I was playing around with more and more vocal parts but, to me, they just kept bogging down the whole song. "More" is sometimes "Too much". keeping it more simple, I settled for only three vocal parts. the main, a backup and a low part that is barely noticeable. Sometimes I like to blend the backup vocals so that you can't actually hear them, but that they add something to the lead part. Of course some extra re-recording of some of the parts could help bring some of the bad spots back into the right key. Stupid singers. (Oh wait, that's me)

I originally had the rhythm guitar part to just be strumming along with the classical guitar part. But after playing with the two together, I really liked the way they flowed together. I just have to get them to time together better and not sound so erratic. Good musicians are hard to find. (Especially in my house)

 The middle of the song needed something. I was thinking of a lead guitar part, but the flute came to mind, and after a few times through I came up with the melody. Of course I threw a lot of reverb on it to make it seem more spiritual or something.

I threw the drums together too fast. They definitely need to be re-recorded completely. Studio magic on all that noise would take me forever. Worthless drummer. (Oh wait, that's me)

Then the bass guitar to add that extra punch in there helped everything blend together. Unfortunately the bass line stepped all over that low vocal part and practically drowned it out completely. Stupid bass player.  (Oops, me again)

 I threw it together in a few hours in the studio and came up with this. I will eventually do all the studio editing magic (cheating) and get everything cleaned up for a better production. As soon as I get that lazy sound editor in gear.
(Yeah, me too)


All songs and files were written, composed, performed, and produced by me,
Danny Gali

Copyright 2006 / Galixy Productions
 Galixy.net / All rights reserved