The 80's

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Song List: (click on links for samples)

  Title Audio File Lyrics
1 Set Before the King WMA HTM
2 Nothing Will Ever Change WMA HTM
3 Dance Move WMA HTM
4 Don't Fall In Love not available HTM
5 Dream So Alive WMA HTM
6 Extraterrestrial Contract WMA HTM
7 Fire In My Eyes WMA HTM
8 I See A Light WMA HTM
9 Those Eyes not available HTM
10 When The Sun Comes WMA HTM
11 Audio Anomaly WMA not available
12 Mystic WMA not available
13 Mystic 2 WMA not available
14 Shadows WMA not available
15 Shred Of Proof WMA not available
16 String Wings 1 WMA not available
17 String Wings 2 WMA not available

    Reaching way back into all my old tapes and feeble attempts at recording, I have come up with this list of oldies that never went anywhere. Although I do still have plans of completing them, I have to wonder if their style wasn't over a long time ago. So I think that these endeavors here would have to wait and get put on the back-burner until there might be a day when any of my work would be valuable. Then I could take the time to finish working on them all.

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