Walking on the Water

There are people in this world
Killing people and no one's to blame
    There are problems to be solved
But tomorrow they'll still be the same
    You can live your life through other's dreams
But you will find it won't buy you a ticket for the show
    You've got to pave your own way, ignoring what the people say
When they're preaching to you which way to go

    You know I thought I saw them walking on the water

    There's a man over there leading people everywhere
Telling them how they've been living their lives all wrong
    Sitting in his glass mansion, tossing stones against the walls
While he's living in his own sins all along
    And there's others I have seen, filling minds with hopeless dreams
Insuring futures that can never come true
    And all the one's in history, people just like you and me
Leading countries and telling them what to do

    You know I thought I saw them walking on the water
    But I could've swore I saw them face down floating back to shore

All songs and files were written, composed, performed, and produced by me,
Danny Gali

Copyright 2006 / Galixy Productions
 Galixy.net / All rights reserved