3 - D Viewing Instructions

Here I have provided detailed instructions for the viewing of my 3-D images on my web site.
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Now this may seem a little difficult or confusing at first, but trust me, its actually very simple and easy, once you get the hang of it.
Basically its just a matter of slightly crossing your eyes to connect the two images together. The new, combined image in the center is the 3-D view.

But if that still doesn't work, here is a more detailed description;

Crossing your eyes:
How do you cross your eyes? Well, some people have actually told me they don't know how to cross their eyes. But I thought that this was something that we all have done when we were kids. Especially when your mother yells at you. Okay, maybe that was just me. Hmm, so a guess a little more description is needed here. 
I guess one of the most simple ways to get you to cross your eyes is to try to look at the end of your nose. Or try putting your finger really close, right in front of your face. Look at it, move it in closer until it is directly in front of and between your eyes. You should not be able to see it clearly as our eyes are not suppose to be able to focus that closely. But as you have it there, and looking at it, your eyes should be crossed. Try to get use to this feeling. It will probably be somewhat uncomfortable and there will be a strain on your eye muscles. Don't worry, as long as you don't do this for long periods of time, it shouldn't be hazardous to your vision. And don't worry, you will never need to cross your eyes anywhere near this extent to view my images. But practice crossing your eyes so that it becomes more comfortable.

Now let's experiment a little.

Now, as you practice crossing your eyes, take a look at the image above. Look very carefully at the fish in the image. Now try crossing your eyes very slightly to try top match any of the fish up together. In doing this you must try to keep your head and your eyes as level as possible. You might even notice that the fish might not be level as you look at them. You might have to try tilting your head slightly from one side to the other. But as two fish connect, keep focusing on them. In this image you might have actually connected fish from a lot wider apart than is necessary, meaning that you crossed your eyes even further. In this example, it doesn't really matter. So, after keeping your focus on a specific fish, try to relax your vision a little and get use to the feeling. Now try to slowly expand your focus to a different row of fish. The different rows of fish should now appear to be at different distances. But don't worry about those alienated fish on the sides of the image.

Now, take a look at the two "D" 's below. Do the same thing. Slightly cross your eyes and try to match and align the two "D" 's together as one. You should now actually see three of them, with the center one being more solid than the two on the outsides. Sorry for the pun, but you should now see 3 D's.

D                 D

If this worked, then try the two images below, using the same principle.


If you were able to see that the rose is closer and everything else is further away, then you are ready and you should be able to view the rest of the images on the other pages. Go explore and have fun.

If you are still not able to see the effect then feel free to email me and we can try to work it out together.

Have fun.

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