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I'm in Waldport Oregon staying at Ev Larson's house. I walked 15 miles from Newport today and went through every kind of weather: rain (a couple of hours worth), hail, sunshine, more showers, warm sun & cold air. And through it all, although I was very wet on the outside, I was comfy dry on the inside.
My feet, however, didn't fare as well. I wore my new shoes today and managed to get 2 new blisters. Thank you so much for sending those wonderful band-aids. They really do work quite well and I have enough supply to work with them. Thank you again for sending those.
On Friday I went on a whale watching tour at Depoe Bay for free. The weather was nice and the boat ride was fun.
On Saturday I went deep sea fishing out of Newport Bay for free, too. It was a 5 hour trip and I caught 14 fish. Four of the Lingcod I caught were too small (under 24") and we had to throw them back. The other fish I caught were sea bass. It rained the entire time of the fishing trip, but I wore the big, thick sturdy yellow rain gear and stayed dry. You know what I'm talking about -- the big yellow overalls and jacket. While I was wearing mine, someone asked me where my Chaquita label was! But hey it worked!
On Sunday I walked 14 miles from Depoe Bay to Newport. Then my dad met me and took me out to Izzys Pizza to eat. After that we drove to Yakina Head Lighthouse and saw that. Then we went to see the Devil's Punch Bowl. It's a large, natural hollowed out rock formation that when the tide comes in the water sloshes around in it. It's really neat to see.
Then we met with a gal from the newspaper, and after that my dad headed home and I went back to stay with Earl & Lea Dobson. Their daughter & son-in-law, Skip & Kelly, have biked over 10,000 miles and they wanted to meet me. So they came out from Corvallis and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them. Actually, I was sort of scared to meet them. I was afraid that with all of their experience they'd take one look at short fat me and laugh their heads off. But instead they were very upbeat and extremely encouraging. They examined every single item I have packed with me and only found 2 things they didn't think I needed: WD40 and a heavy flashlight. We swapped stories, dreams and goals, and I basked in their cheer and encouragement. It was great meeting them. Kelly is also a nurse, and she examined my first-aid kit and checked my blisters. She was satisfied with what I have but added a couple more items to it. She recited this poem to
me and I want to share it with you:

The road goes ever on and on,
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the road has gone,
And I must follow it if I can.
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then ..... I cannot say.
Bilbo Baggins


Today I walked 9 miles from Waldport to Yachats, Oregon. Some friends from my hometown of Scio, Clayton & Agnes Becker, got a motel in Yachats for 2 nights so I'll get to stay with them. Florence, the next town I'm walking to, is about 27 miles away. Since I can't do that much in one day, I'll walk as far as I can & call Clayton & Agnes. They'll come and pick me up and bring me back to the motel in Yachats, then drive me back to my starting point the next morning. Then when I get to Florence, I have 2 free nights at a motel there.
This evening Ev Larson, the lady whose house I stayed at last night, came & picked me up to go to a Lions meeting. I talked about my walk and this group committed to writing to all the Lions clubs in the state of California along my route and ask for their assistance. Several others were also willing to write to other states, too. They were also concerned about me walking across barren Nevada, and some said they'd start working on that area. So this meeting was especially encouraging. The more people know about my walk, the better it goes.
Y'all take care! KB

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