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6/23/01 12:10:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I was able to cover a lot of miles while I was staying in Ely, but it's now time to move on. It amazes me that people are willing to drive me back & forth while I walk -- I mean it seems like such a hassle! But they'd rather bring me back to town each day so that I won't camp out. Amazing.
I was up early this morning since a Lions member was going to pick me up at 8:30 and take me and my cart to Bordertown. I packed up, had breakfast, then stopped by at the gift shop to say goodbye to Donna. I was disappointed when I found out that the store doesn't open up until 9:00. So I walked back to the motel and finally got up enough nerve to call her at home. The answering machine came on, so after the beep I asked if she would please open up at 8:30 today instead of 9:00 so that I could give her a hug before I left town for good. While I was talking, she picked up the receiver and said positively yes, that she would meet me at the store at 8:30. I was really glad. She's a special person, and I was glad I had the chance to tell her goodbye.
Rom DiCianno from the Lions Club drove me to Bordertown. He retired from the post office several years ago. Since the post office is located clear on the outskirts of town, he offered to drive me out there a few times. Before we got to Bordertown, he drove south to Baker and took me to see Lehman Caves located in Great Basin National Park. Rom has taken the tour many times, but he bought a ticket for me to take the 1 1/2 hr long tour. It was really neat.
Absolom Lehman discovered the cave in 1885, however they don't consider him the original discoverer. During archeological digs, it was evident that Native Americans knew of the cave, although no evidence shows that they explored deeply. However, it was Lehman who developed the cave for visitors.
Stalactites (down from the ceiling,) Stalagmites (up from the floor,) columns, draparies, flagstone, helictites, aragonite crystals, cave popcorn and shieds were seen throughout the tour. It's awesome to see something so beautiful like that and wonder how it all came to be.
After the tour we had lunch there, then Rom took me on to Bordertown. I'll stay here for a day, then leave on Sunday for Delta Utah, almost 90 miles away. The weather is suppose to be over 100 for the next few days.
So I am now at the Nevada-Utah state line. So far I've covered approx 1,350 miles, gone through 4 states, and am just now crossing my first time zone. I am now on mountain time, one hour ahead of my Oregon family and one hour behind my Kansas friends.
Y'all take care! KB

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