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6/27/01 12:58:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The Lions came and plucked me out of the desert so now I'm in Delta Utah.
I had an appt. at the elementary school today. They're holding summer classes now, and tomorrow I'm going to be there from 9-1230 giving talks to different classes about epilepsy. I'll be giving my talks in the library. For grades k-3 I'll read a story about a little girl who has epilepsy, and for grades 4-6 I'll give my speech. I'm really looking forward to it.
The weather has been all sorts: hot & dry, wonderfully cool & raining, and fairly mild.
The newspaper is going to meet with me in a few minutes, so I gotta go. I'll be staying here till monday morning. The ph# is: 435-864-2906 Rm 14. Y'all take care! KB

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