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About 9-6-01

Howdy Everyone!
Got into LaJunta today and will stay put till sunday. This wkend is "Early Settlers Day" in LaJunta, and I will participate in the parade on saturday. The theme is "From A Sucessful Past To A Stronger Future" and I'll decorate my cart and push it in the parade. I'm decorating it in red, white & blue with ribbon, crepe paper, streamers, a flag, and helium balloons. I'll have a lg poster sign on both sides of the cart that says:
Walking For Epilepsy
From Seattle
To Washington DC
Raising Money & Awareness For Epilepsy.
Then on the front of the cart it'll say "Striving To Make A Difference."
I'm entry #23 in the parade and have to be ready and in line by 9am.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Veronica from the Epilepsy Foundation in Pueblo will also be here on saturday. We're going to have a booth set up to hand out information & literature about epilepsy. We'll also try to sell some of my t-shirts for $10 apiece. Anyhow, I found out today from the Chamber of Commerce that our booth needs to be up and running by 8am (yikes!) She said we could start setting up at 6:30 am (how generous!) When I told Veronica about this, she said, among other things, that she'd come out friday evening instead. So we'll get my "float" decorated fri evening and be ready to go sat morning. I'm looking forward to it and think it'll be a lot of fun.
This area is the old stompin' grounds of Gloria Schroeder, a friend of mine from work. She was planning on coming out this way someday,
but when she heard about the parade and that I'd be here, she decided to come out now. I'm really looking forward to seeing her on saturday.
It'll be a great reunion!
I stopped and got a haircut today. The lady usually charges $15 but only charged me $10, then she gave me 2 tubes of sunscreen/tanning lotion. That was much appreciated. I'll definetly use that.
I'll be staying here at Mid-Town Motel in LaJunta till sunday morning. If you want to give me a call, the ph# is: 719-384-7741 Rm 26.
Y'all take care and have a great wkend! KB


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