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Deerfield Kansas

9/20/01 7:07:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The rental house I stayed in last night is right next door to Ray & Donnas house (Donna is the lady at the cafe.) She let me wash a load of clothes at her house, and in the evening we went back to the cafe to eat.
Ray & Donna brought a few things over to "my" house and when they were done I felt right at home.
I know what I'm going to say next will sound dorky, and y'all will think I lost the one last marble I had left, but y'know what? After I had cleaned up & eaten, and as I was sitting on a clean, comfortable bed with a quiet ceiling fan on above me, folding clothes still warm out of the dryer in a cozy house all to myself in a tiny town in western Kansas and making new special friends, y'know what? It just felt right. I know it sounds crazy, but I was really happy to be right here right now and was thoroughly enjoying the moment. It was great. It really was.
By the way, when I was folding my clothes I found 3 cockelburrs embedded in a pair of undies. Can you even begin to imagine if -- no we won't even go there. YIKES!!
Thurs morning I went to the cafe for breakfast and then headed to Deerfield High School to give a talk about epilepsy. The class was fairly large but they seemed attentive and were quite involved. They asked a lot of questions, both about epilepsy and my walk. I really enjoyed being there.
I went back to the cafe to say goodbye and head out, but they were pretty busy and short-handed so I headed to the back and started washing dishes. A couple hrs later the rush was over, so we said our goodbyes and I left. They asked me if I wanted to work there full time and I said not yet. They were a fun group to be with.
Now I'm in Garden City and when I got here I bought me a new pair of shoes. I'll stay here th & fr night and leave on saturday. I'd sortof like to go to the zoo tomorrow. Give me a call if you'd like: 620-275-5095 Rm 108. Y'all take care and have a great day! KB

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