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Home Sweet Home

11/20/01 2:04:45 PM Pacific Standard Time

I took the Amtrak from Sedalia MO to Kansas City and on Sunday my friend Peggy drove me from KC to McPherson, where I live. It feels good to be back.
On monday I stopped in at my doctors office, and they gave me a flu shot in one arm and a pneumonia shot in the other. I'm glad I was able to get those.
This morning I gave a talk about my walk at an Optomists meeting -- my first time with that group. I usually go to Lions, Kiwanis & Rotary meetings. I'll be giving several more talks with groups and schools while I'm here for the next month.
Things are getting into high gear with the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Donations are coming in, as well as reservations & volunteers.
We'll be cooking enough food for around 500 people. If you'd like to come & help, I'll sure put you to work! The dinner will be on Thanksgiving day from 11:30-2:00 at the Community Building in McPherson KS. We cook the food at the Senior Center and serve it at the Community Building (half a block away.)
Tonight I'll be spending the night at a nursing home cooking 175 lbs of turkey meat. They have enough ovens there that I can cook all that meat at once. I'll begin at 7pm when their evening crew ends and finish up at 6am when the next shift comes on. So tonight I'll push a couch in the kitchen & sleep with a bunch of turkies!! In the morning, 4 friends will come in at 5am and help me finish up. Then I'll treat them out for breakfast.
Y'all take care and have a great day! KB


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