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Thanksgiving Dinner

12/2/01 8:52:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

Howdy Everyone!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. The Community Thanksgiving Dinner we put on turned out really well. We cooked enough food for 500 people, and served a little over 500. We fixed 180 lbs of turkey breast meat, peeled 140 lbs of potatoes, cooked 80 lbs of corn, made stuffing, cole slaw, and fruit salad. A restuarant baked 480 rolls, and volunteers made around 90 pies. We had no turkey or rolls left over, and just a little bit of potatoes, corn, cole slaw and fruit salad left. But we had enough stuffing left over to feed another 500 or so (whoops.) I definetly miscalculated the stuffing!
We had around a hundred volunteers helping out that day. In fact, students from the High School National Honor Society volunteered, and so did the High School Girls Basketball Team. We really enjoyed having them as part of our team.
Now we're getting ready to fix another dinner on Christmas Day. We'll be serving ham & scalloped potatoes for that meal, and we're anticipating about the same number, around 500 people. Then after that I'll hit the road again and continue my walk, starting out around Sedalia, Missouri.
While I'm here I'll be giving several talks to schools and organizations. In fact, tonight I gave a talk at a church, and on tues I'll be visiting a school.
Y'all take care and have a great day! KB


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