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Subj: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Date: 10/19/2002 12:32:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

Howdy Everyone!
   When I contacted the fire station in Manitowoc
-- the first town I stayed in in Wisconsin, I really hit the jackpot!  Not
only did they let me stay there, but they called the fire station in the next
town, Valders.  And they called up Chilton, who then called up Pipe, who then
contacted Fond du Lac -- and they've already contacted Waupun and Beaver Dam
and told them I'm coming.  My great Wisconsin experience has been going from
fire station to fire station to fire station, and I'm having a blast!
   The weather has been pretty cold lately, and one day it snowed a little.
Yesterday it rained all day, and I walked around 11 miles in it.  Now for the
next few days it's suppose to be clear, but cold.
   I've also contacted the Epilepsy Foundation in Madison, where I'll be
arriving in a week or so.  I'm looking forward to meeting them.  By Halloween
I should be crossing over into Iowa, and before too long I'll be back into
   I thought Wisconsin would be quite flat, but it's actually pretty hilly.
With all it's dairy farms, Wisconsin is known for its milk, butter and cheese.
Wisconsin is also known as America's Dairyland.  The name Wisconsin means
"gathering of the waters" or "place of the beaver."  The name Fond du Lac
means "foot of the lake."  Wisconsin became the 30th state in 1848, and claims
such people as Houdini, Liberace, Vince Lombardi, Joseph McCarthy, William
Rehnquist, Spencer Tracy, Bob Uecker, Orson Welles, Laura Ingalls Wilder and
Frank Lloyd Wright as it's own.
   Wisconsin is nicknamed the Badger State, and it's state song is "On,
Wisconsin.  It's motto is "Forward," and it's capital is Madison.  It's state
flower is the wood violet,staste tree is the sugar maple, state bird is the
robin and state rock is the red granite.
   On sunday I'll walk around 17 miles to Waupun, where I'll be staying at the
fire station.  Waupun is also one of my mail stops, so I'm looking forward to
that.  On monday I'll head on out to Beaver Dam.  Y'all take care and have a
great day!  KB

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that there are 2 great websites out there
that tell all about my trip.  The first one is my friends personal website,
but if you scroll down halfway down the page, you'll see my icon that says
"Walking For Epilepsy."  Click on that and you can see some pictures and read
my latest journal entry to find out where I'm at and what I'm doing.
   The second website is one of my favorites and it's out of Europe.  On that
website you can see recent pictures of me and read several newspaper articles
that have been written up about me lately.
   Check out these 2 websites when you get a chance:

Take care and have a great day!  KB

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