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Subj: Monticello, Iowa
Date: 11/5/2002 5:21:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

Howdy Everyone!
   When I crossed the Mississippi River and got into Dubuque, I spent 2 days there staying with Jen in her apartment.  She is a graduate student studying seminary.  While I was there I gave a talk to a college class, and the next day to another group.
   The next town I was heading for, Cascade, was around 23 miles away, so on friday I set out walking, and that afternoon one of Jen's friends came and picked me up and brought me back.  The next morning, another friend hauled me out to the starting point and I finished up walking into Cascade.  I had contacted the Presbyterian Church there, and they said I could stay inside the church building, so thats where I headed for.  I found a little sunday-school room down in the basement and settled in.
   On sunday I attended church services, and on monday I headed for Monticello.   As I was walking, a lady at a farm house flagged me down and started visiting.  She was the pianist at the church on sunday, and felt like visiting.  After that, I got into Monticello and enjoyed a free night at a nice motel, the Blue Inn.
   From here I'll head to Anamosa and on to Iowa City, where I'll stay for a couple days.  It's currently snowing outside, but they don't expect it to accumulate, so we'll see.  Y'all take care and have a great day!  KB


Subj: Animosa, Iowa
Date: 11/5/2002 9:15:35 PM Pacific Standard Time

Howdy Everyone!
   This morning started out snowing and sleeting as I left Monticello pushing my cart to Animosa.  Although the distance was only 12 miles, there is no shoulder on the road -- so I was pushing my cart in the gravel, and did that ever make it seem like a long day.  That, plus all the tire spray from the oncoming traffic, the low visibility, and all those crazy HILLS out here made it seem like kindof a tough day.  I was mighty glad when I finally got into Animosa.
   Yesterday I had called up what I thought was the number for the fire station, but the police chief answered instead.  So  I told him my story, gave him my information, and asked if I could sleep in the volunteer fire station.  He assured me that when I arrived into town today he'd have something figured out for me.
   So when I got into town, I headed for the police station.  When I walked in there all muddy, wet, matted down, gritty & grimy, he said "YOU MADE IT!"  And true to his word, he did have several things figured out for me.  First of all he walked me 2 blocks away to the local newspaper office.  After that he sent me to the cafe for a free lunch.  Then I was visiting on the phone with someone from the newspaper in Cedar Rapids, and after that he hauled me out to the Super 8 Motel, where I'm staying tonight for free.  Not only that, but he's already contacted the police dept in the next town I'm walking to -- Mt Vernon -- and has already got someone lined up to haul my cart tomorrow (HOORAY FOR THAT!!)  So hey, the day started out kinda rough, but it sure ended up fine, soaking in that hot bubble bath!
   Tomorrow it's suppose to be sunny and warm, up in the 50's, so I'm planning on wearing shorts -- go figure!  Take care and have a great day!  KB

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