Alaska (Haines Hwy)

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Starting on September 02, 2002, 3:02:40 PM

Most of these images on this page are actually still from Canada along the Haines Highway but I named this page "Alaska" because we went from the Yukon to British Columbia and back into Alaska all within a very short period of time and I was so excited to get back down south.

So with my new friend, Andrew, we headed on down to Haines.

It rained on us through most of the ride but I did get a chance to get this picture of a family of swans that were swimming in a small lake along the highway. I was surprised that they didn't all take off when I pulled up and got their picture.

Up on top of the summit through a mountain range there was some amazing scenery. I was beginning to get very excited about my change of plans as I was happy to see this incredible view. Although the rain had seem to go away it had become quite cold up on top of the pass. We stopped and got a few pictures and headed back down the mountains and into Alaska. 

The wind had picked up here and there and was very chilly but the view was just so incredible that I had to stop and take it all in.

On down the hill and across the border the temperature had rose and incredible amount and it became very warm again. It must have changed at least 20 degrees or so when we got down. I was feeling so good about my change of plans now.

Haines is said to have some of the largest accumulations of bald eagles in the world. I got the opportunity to see quite a few of them flying around as we came closer to Haines. I finally got this great shot of one in a tree.

We got into Haines and got something to eat and made our way to a local Laundromat where I took care of some badly needed clothing issues. I also took advantage of the pay shower there but felt like I was a gambler or something. It cost 25 cents per minute and took 3 minutes for the water to get warm. After it got warm I was so happy and was enjoying the hot water so much. I kept plugging in quarters as the water kept shutting off on me. I soon felt like a seasoned slot machine addict as I kept sticking quarter after quarter into the machine begging for just a little more.

We had quite a bit of time before we got on the ferry so we hung out at a local establishment and met Alisa who was also waiting for the ferry. After some time we made our way down to the ferry and got all loaded up.

On the boat we made our way around to find a place to camp out for the night.

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