Alaska (The Ferry 1)

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A special hello goes out to all my new friends I met on the ferry, MV Columbia;
Andrew Deutscher, Alissa Turtletaub, Catherine Ness, Joe Mediati, Amy Tippery, Joan Copeland, Christine Olsen, J. Reece Edwards, Suzie Dale

A special thanks to Captain George M. Brereton, Lavena Sargent, Julane Martin, and the whole crew of the MV Columbia 
You people are so wonderful!

Starting on September 03, 2002, 8:33:02 AM

Once morning came I realized that I think I had missed some really impressive scenery. I had heard that there was some really neat views of some glaciers along this route but tit must have been between Haines and Juneau. The morning woke me up just as we were in and leaving Juneau. Some of the awesome scenery along the ferry ride was great. 

I kept feeling a little guilty as I rode along on this ride that must be similar to a cruise ship. Although I didn't spring for the expensive cabin the ride and amenities were pretty nice. Especially compared to all the camping I had been doing. 

Life on the ferry was pretty neat. Many of us that didn't get a cabin all congregated up on the solarium deck. 

I didn't get a chance to see too much wildlife on the boat but I was able to see a few dolphins across the bow of the boat and some humpback whales, pictured here. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of their tales lifted up in he air.

A nice shot of our friend Catherine here. Catherine was a really neat girl from England that was taking a holiday here in the states.

We rode on and the days seem to get a little jumbled together as I lost track of time even more.

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