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Starting on Saturday, November 02, 2002, 3:12:10 PM

So I didn't get any pictures of Alabama.

However, I did get these shots while I was playing around driving down the freeway.

The first one was taken while riding beside a tanker truck with a bright shiny tank. I often like to get beside these just to see what I look like as I'm riding down the road. Its moments like those that I suddenly find myself sitting up straighter. 

This next image was taken as I was following a large RV. There was this mirror reflector on the bumper and I just couldn't help myself. They didn't have a rear window so I closed in to try to get a really cool shot of myself, taking a picture of myself. After getting in pretty close for a while I looked up and it dawned on me that they had one of those rear view cameras and had probably been watching me the whole time. I put away my camera and passed the RV. As I glanced over, the driver was definitely giving me some evil stares. I mentally apologized under my breath and rode on.


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