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Thank you again to my good friends Johnny and Vickie Parrott.
 The only Parrotts I know that migrated south for the winter.

Starting on Friday, November 01, 2002, 5:05:12 PM

Making my way down through Mississippi I finally made it into Louisiana where I headed west a little bit to Baton Rouge where my friends Johnny and Vickie were waiting. 

Just prior to my arrival I stopped on an over pass to get this shot of the sun before it set for the evening.

Having forgotten to get some pictures before, in Washington, I was glad to get a second chance and got some pictures of the kids. Of course they were, after all, kids, and they displayed themselves as such.

With an added pleasure I got to visit briefly with Johnny's parents who were visiting from Oregon. Johnny's father, Bob Parrott was the city sheriff for many years and was good friends with, and knew my father quite well for many years. It was a pleasure to get to talk to somebody about my dad and hear some of the nice things that Bob said about him. 

This crazy bunch was going on a little excursion on this day and was heading straight for New Orleans where there was yet another big bike rally going on. This time I avoided it. I just hope that they got to enjoy their visit without having to say, "WHAT??" over and over again.

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