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Starting on Friday, November 01, 2002, 9:32:18 AM

It didn't take me too long before I crossed into Mississippi. 

I did cut through just a fragment of Kentucky as I passed from Illinois and then into Mississippi. 

Trying to make up some time I had decided to take the rest of my trip at a much faster pace. As I crossed from state to state I could see the different fall colors change the further I got.

I drove on and saw these fields of flowers. They looked like the fields were covered with a light blanket of snow so it really caught my eye. At first I thought that they were cotton fields but they looked different. They were some kind of flowering crop. I didn't get close enough to tell exactly what they were.

It was really difficult to see the landscape as I drove through this state because of all the trees. Fortunately I caught a few clearings where I could see for some distances. Some really beautiful trees were growing out in some of the fields. I currently have this one as the background for my laptop. 

The growth in the woods covered the trees like a blanket. Some places looked like the trees might suffocate from all the vines and ivy draped over them.


Then there was an occasional swamp where I thought for sure I'd find an alligator or two.

Trying to get down to Louisiana before dark I kept on going. I wanted to get to Baton Rouge to see my friends Johnny and Vickie Parrott again.

I got the opportunity to stay with them in Washington state. While I was on my trip Johnny had got a job offer in Baton Rouge and had moved. I emailed me to tell me the good news and invited me to stay with them again when I arrived.

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