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Starting on Monday, November 04, 2002, 2:31:14 AM

Now this little picture here may not seem like much. Just some icky little worm to most of us. However, surprising to me, this is the first time I had ever seen one of these. It was getting fairly late and I pulled off of the freeway and stopped on the side of the road to take care of some business. On the side of the road I noticed a tiny glow coming from the ground. very similar to the light from a firefly, I kneeled down to get a closer look. It was much too dark to see exactly what it was coming from so I got out my little key chain light. The glow that I saw was coming from this strange little worm. This surely must glow worm that I had heard about all my life but had never seen until now. Like to tail of a firefly this little creature had a little light of its own. As I watched it and played with it for a while I never did see it blink. It just maintained a very dim glow. Of course with the bright flash of the camera, to show what this thing looked like, you surely can't see the glow.

Now this next sign seemed to be in the wrong place.
I had stopped in a rest area off the freeway. This sign was right there next to the rest rooms. Not far away were the picnic tables.

Now maybe its just me but I thought that's what a rest area was for. To hang around and get some rest. As I was enjoying the humor in this sign I suddenly realized that, by just standing there, I was actually breaking the law myself.

So I decided to get out of Arkansas and to a place that might be more friendly about where and when you can stand. Just kidding, but I do wish that I could have seen more of Arkansas. I understand that there is just so many beautiful sights there. I almost feel bad that the only pictures I send of this place is a glow worm and a stupid sign. Oh well, maybe next time I can explore more.

Maybe some time down the road I can explore each state, one at a time, and focus on all the wonders and beauty that each one has to offer. Some day.

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