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Starting on Thursday, October 31, 2002, 2:53:02 PM

I really wasn't in Kentucky long enough to take too many pictures or spend much time there at all. I just rode on through. Some day I do hope to go back to some of these places to explore more.

An interesting point though. Within the course of only one day I passed through seven states and crossed over the Mississippi river three times in three different places making it a total of four times that I have crossed the Mississippi river during this trip.

I did manage to get some pictures of this area. Particularly of the Fall foliage that I was seeing again. After giving it some thought I had just realized that I have been looking at the Fall colors for almost four months. 

I took several pictures of this little park at a rest area. Right next to a small lake it was very pleasant.

Looking at all the Fall colors really made me think about how far I had traveled and the time that it has taken. 

I realize that I must hurry and get home and end my trip before I dig myself into a financial hole that I can't get out of.

Although I regret having to stop my travels I am quite tired of being homeless. I feel split in two. One side of me really wants to get home while the other side really wants to keep going and explore more and more. To see more. I feel so bad that I have missed so many things along the way. Just a few minutes away, here and there adds up and I will have never finished this trip. There's just too much to see in this country that a person will never get to see it all in their life time. After all, it has taken millions of years for this country to form into what it is and hundreds of years for us to explore to allow access to so many parts of it. 

I suddenly feel so small when I consider the magnitude of the whole.

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