Baja South (Bay of Conception) 

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Starting on Friday, October 11, 2002, 6:48:40 AM

I found my beach and checked it out. There was some little huts there but I still decided to stay in my tent. I put up my tent and stowed all my stuff. I was amazed that I had found such a nice little beach and there wasn't anybody there. I had this whole beach to myself. I almost felt like a castaway as I unsuccessfully tried to start a fire. It was a little windy so I finally gave up and decided that I really didn't need a fire after all. I made myself comfortable in my tent, watched a little bit of a movie on the computer and went to sleep.

In the morning I got up to take a nice little swim as the sun was still coming up over the hill.

Many people have asked how I can get all my stuff in my tent and still have enough room for myself. So here's a picture of the inside of the tent and all my gear. There, right at the opening is my sleeping bag.

I took down my tent and piled everything back up on the bike when I noticed that one of the little stuffed animals, a little mouse, had gotten stuffed a certain way and was looking so sad through the net in my bag.

The sun came up from over the hill as I took a little time to get some pictures. There up on top of the little hill was another hut. I climbed up to get a better look at the area when I disturbed a bird that circled around several times and gave me a chance to get a flew pictures. Then I finally caught a shot of this lizard as it fled. I saw quite a few of these but never was able to get a picture before they disappeared. 

I looked back at the beach here to get a neat view. I looked down into the water and caught these two porcupine fish as they gracefully swam around together. Like I have said before, the water looked so clear, it was just like looking into an aquarium.

As I left my private beach I turned to take one more look at my brief little home and sped on my way.

Just a little further down the road I slowed down to cross one of the huge "Topes". A huge speed bump in the middle of the road, these things seem to be all over Mexico and can often sneak up on you and send a guy airborne. As I slowed to cross the bump I noticed a lady and a small girl waiting for me to pass as they were headed across the road. "Aha!" I thought to myself, the perfect candidate for that pitiful looking stuffed mouse in my bag. I stopped and handed it to the girl who just kept looking at me with amazement. Then, as I closed my visor and started to take off I heard a tiny little voice behind me say, "Gracias".


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