Baja South (Loreto) 

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Starting on Thursday, October 10, 2002, 2:44:06 PM

On may way to Loreto I found myself right off of the Gulf of California.

Like many of the other places I had been the water was so very clear and the landscape was awesome.

Here's a shot of a stray horse. I'm not sure how they keep track of their animals down there but it has to hurt when they get ran over on the highway. I so often saw a dead cow laying on the side of the road and nobody cleaned them up. Which may account for the high population of turkey vultures.

I got off of the road and drove down this little dirt road and found me a small beach where I drove right up to the water and took a swim. With my own little beach there I felt pretty special. Just behind my little beach was this little oasis. I really upset the local blue herring that had thought that this beach was his. He flew around and around and finally waited in a tree for me to leave.

As it started getting dark I decided to take my friends' advice and find a place to camp for the night. IO was hoping on finding another beach like the one I had stayed at earlier.

 I dropped down the hill into the Bay of Conception where I found a nice beach.

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