Baja South (Cabo San Lucas 2) 

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Starting on Wednesday, October 09, 2002, 1:32:12 AM

After dinner we all stayed up for hours talking about all our adventures. Ed had a rowing machine in his living area which Mario and I started to play with. I jumped on and reset the computer on it and began to row wildly for about fifteen seconds. Acting very impressed for a moment, Ed came over to view my score. He told me, "That's very good, now do that for six minutes." My eyes got big and my face dropped and we all had a good laugh.

Ed was in very good shape and at 42 years he still works out aggressively and skates around Cabo. He had the day off but took his kids to school and came back to take us to breakfast. Actually we took Mario's van and followed behind Ed through the busy streets of Cabo. It was amazing to watch him dart in and out of traffic. We actually had a hard time keeping up with him until a screw came loose on his skates and he rode with us the rest of the way.

We hung out on the beach at a nice restaurant there on the beach. A little while later Ed had to take some time and go for a meeting at Eli's school so Mario and I went on to find another beach spot. We drove around and learned that the beach we were on was the only one left accessible to the public so we went back there. That's when we started having fun with a pelican there. This one must have been used to all the people around and was just hanging around the beach. However, when anybody came close it would move away. I moved in close to it, within about twenty feet when it started to walk away. I stopped so it did to. I moved really slowly towards it and I could tell that it was keeping a close watch on me. I moved slowly and got down real low to the sand and eventually laid down on my belly. I kept moving closer and closer, very slowly and watched the birds as it watched me very carefully. It also was keeping a close watch on Mario who was sitting about fifteen feet away. I moved in even closer to the point where I was looking up at this magnificent creature, only about a foot away. I moved my hand slowly up to it and eventually placed it on the bird's foot. It looked at me really funny but didn't move away. I eventually turned over on my back and laid my hand directly in front of the bird. I laid there and the bird stood there, looking at one another for quite a long time until the bird finally jumped up and flew off over the water. We watched as it went about ten feet out into the surf and took a nose dive straight down and into the water and caught a fish. An amazing sight to behold we were both in awe of what we had just witnessed. We both went into the water and went swimming for a while when we noticed the same pelican came flying back over to where we were. It took another dive right in front of us and got another fish. I thought that we might be messing up its fishing spot but instead, we may have been stirring up and attracting the fish. I swam right up to the pelican who kept a few feet distance from me. I kept watching it as it took off directly over my head, flew over about ten feet and dove right into the water between Mario and myself. We watched it as it did this same thing several times more and were just fascinated watching this creature.

Watching the pelican as well as many other birds is like watching a living dinosaur in action. Looking so closely at the structure of this animal just brings so much to light about how the dinosaurs must have really looked and acted. Once thinking that the pelican is such a clumsy bird I now see that it is the total opposite. Being so graceful in the air, with its enormous wings, and being able to swim and to dive in the water the way it does, it has is all. It is truly an amazing member of the animal kingdom.

Mario and I eventually got us something to eat there at the same restaurant that I had been to the day before and eventually went back to Ed's house to spend the evening there.

So here's a shot of Ed and Eli. 

All of us had a great time together and Eli kept asking if Mario and I were going to stay. It was hard to tell him no and try to explain to him why. Eli wanted me to take a picture of he and I together.

Here's a picture of Mario and his van.

It was very hard to leave this wonderful place and Ed assured Mario and myself that we could stay as long as we liked. Boy, that was hard to pass up.

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