Baja South (San Pedro) 

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Thank you again to Brad Baer of the Hotel Todos Santos, in Todos Santos, Baja

Starting on Thursday, October 10, 2002, 8:06:26 AM

One last picture here of a hibiscus flower from Brad's yard. In this picture you can really see the velvet look of the petals.

Another small restaurant that caught my eye, this one translates as "Super Chicken"!

On down the highway I finally made my way back to the intersection of the loop around the bottom of the Baja Peninsula. Right there I decided to stop and get some pictures of some of the plants that I had thought about getting pictures of prior. Here is one of the many little shrines that I found along the road around the countryside.

This tree was fabulous with its beautiful red flowers. I saw several yellow butterflies fluttering around the tree which gave a real neat contrast to the red flowers. There were quite an assortment of mimosa-type trees down there that I feel must be in the same family.

Here is one of the many yellow flowers that resemble a morning glory, but a different color than I have seen before.

This first plant resembled a mimosa but was much smaller and has little white flowers instead of the pink ones. Then the next flowering vine that was wrapped around and hanging onto its neighbor there. Then a tiny little butterfly flutters around one of the red flowers.

There in the desert, when you take the time to look around you can find all kinds of beauty right there at your feet. From the little yellow flower here to the tiny branch of a soft cactus to the bud of a cactus flower.

Some pf these plants have to defend themselves in so many different ways. Like this leaf here with tiny spikes all over it. There in the next picture I zoomed way into this tiny flower that was only about five centimeters across.

I drove on and up past La Paz and headed up the Baja Peninsula to places I had never been before. 

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