California (Crescent City)

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Starting on Sunday, September 22, 2002, 6:56:58 PM

Down the coast of Oregon along highway 101 and into California the first major town you come to is Crescent City, just north of the Redwood Forest. Just prior to my arrival into Crescent City I was watching the sun as it was getting closer to the horizon. Thinking I would capture a great sunset on the ocean I waited for the perfect moment. Although, as soon as I got to Crescent City and make my way to the beach a thick fog bank rolled into town and across the shoreline. I drove up and down for a while as the fog shifted and moved around. I thought for a moment that it would  operate and give me a clean shot of the sun but it never let up so I got some of these that are quite interesting in their own way. 

This family walking along the beach in the fog looked rather interesting.

Right here the fog had shifted away for a little bit but still left the sun obscured from view.

I turned to the east where the clouds and fog had shifted and created some cool effects.

I stopped and got something to eat and was getting a little tired since I had been riding all day. I left and headed down the highway but had to stop a few miles down the road to put on some more clothing as it started to get a little cold. I drove on into the night and the dark and the cold to the Redwood National Forest.

Now here's my problem. It was dark while I was driving through the forest and, although I saw a bunch of the trees from the highway, it was too dark to take any pictures so I didn't get any shots of the trees. So to compensate for the lack of pictures of the Redwood forest I have made up the story below to help you take an even more virtual trip and imagine, in your mind, what you missed.

    The Redwoods

I have made several trips over the years through the Redwoods so I feel that I can explain enough for you to get the idea of what they park is like.

First of all you must relax and follow my list of procedures here, designed to put you into the right perspective, to look into my mind, and see through my eyes, using only your imagination. So close your eyes and read further. Ha ha, come on, you can do it.

1. First of all, imagine a forest. Picture it in your mind.

2. Now imagine a forest with trees. (Hey, I have to be thorough here)

3. Now picture in your mind a big forest with trees (Can you see it?)

4. Now imagine a big forest with really really really really really huge trees. 

There, now you see the Redwoods Forest. 

   Well, its a little more than that, but I think that you can get the gist of it. It is a great place to drive and ride. Lots of winding corners and amazing scenery along the way.

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