Oregon (Southern Coast)

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Starting on Sunday, September 22, 2002, 4:51:12 PM

As I came down out of the mountain range I landed in Gold Beach, OR. I stopped a few miles south on highway 101 and took some of these pictures. The beach was beautiful and the rock formations were awesome.

I found this beach to have some really interesting, dark gray sand. Apparently some of the beaches along the pacific Northwest have dark and even black sand from all the volcanic activity over the centuries.

I just love watching the waves crash upon the shore and could stay there all day enjoying this peaceful environment.

After looking out into the water for a while I saw something bobbing up and down in the water. At first I thought it might have been some drift wood until I looked a little more closely. Right there along the shore, in the shallow water were a group of seals. They would poke their heads up for a while and watch me, then duck back down in the water, as if they were playing some hide-and-seek game with me. It was very difficult to get some of these shots that I did get. Every time they wouold drop back down into the water they would resurface somewhere completely different. It was quite frustrating for a while and then I kind of got a kick out of the game.

There were a few people along the beach and I got this silhouette of this couple while they weren't looking. 

A seagull was standing on this rock and wouldn't leave while I took several shots. It almost seemed to pose for me.

Now a few shots of your virtual host, Danny. The photographer finally talked me into a few shots without the helmet on.

Then I really got intrigued by the rock formations and a group of seagulls along the beach and captured some of these awesome shots as I explored this fantastic place.


There was a shallow spread of beach where the water was just lying upon the surface of the sand that gave me some incredible shots with a reflection.


I hope that you are enjoying the pictures here as much as I enjoy sharing them. After I complete my trip I have plans on putting together a book with many more images in it and maybe put together some calendars and other various neat products. Although I'm sure that much of my time will be spent working to catch up on all the bills.

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