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Thank you to Jannetta and Mark Tibbs of Scio, OR
and to Larry Adkins, also of Scio, OR

Thank you goes out to Power Yamaha of Sublimity, OR

Also thank you very much to my friend Erik Peterson of the Albany Democrat Herald in Albany, OR


Again, here's a link to my archives of Oregon from 2001. You can explore them by clicking on this map below

Starting on September 18, 2002, 4:34:46 PM

I didn't go too far while I was in Oregon since I was waiting for parts for the bike. I really didn't want to take too many chances with my thin tire. I did ride around town for a little bit and got some of these neat pictures.

This first one is of another burned field after a crop.

Just some nearby corn fields.

The Willamette valley supports a very wide variety of crops. So with the flat areas in the valley you can often see lots of fields with lots of huge water sprinklers.


I got the neat fortune to catch these next shots. The first shows a couple of sprinklers working as a team to create a rainbow between the two.

Then I stayed around to see more amazing sights. Of course getting in clopser gave for some interesting angles and perspectives.

As the water kept spraying the rainbows kept popping up from all the mist. Then I could even see a rainbow in a complete circle.

I passed by the house that we used to live and took this picture of a tree that I planted back in the third grade.


I got all the parts and necessities for the bike and headed south. I stopped in Eugene for a while and somewhere, lost my Wilson. Yep, the eagle has flown the coup.

So here's a shot of downtown Eugene from a nearby hill.

Past Eugene, almost to Grants Pass, I took the advice of one of my friends at Power Yamaha and went off on a small highway that winds all around and eventually to the coast. The Rogue river seemed to be a hot popular place amongst the rafters. With is swift currents and steep canyon walls it looks like it would make for a thrilling ride.

The road leads up the hill along some winding narrow roads. A great path for a motorcycle except for the poor conditions in places.

I passed a hill that had been burned. This time it looked ass if the 

The view at the summit was pretty impressive.

Then it was down to the beaches and on to California.

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