California (Yosemite 3)

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Starting on Wednesday, September 25, 2002, 8:45:18 AM

I took a nice tour of the park where I could actually see more this time and it was quite the impressive thing to see. I was really glad that I had stayed another night and was able to see it in the light.

The peaks and rocks were astonishing sights. Breathtaking scenery was all around me.

I didn't know when to stop taking pictures.

I stopped to see if I could get some pictures of one of the most popular waterfalls there. I walked through the woods for a while to see if I could get a shot of it when I realized something.

There was no water coming from the falls. This waterfall usually dries up in the summer months to the point where there is no water at all flowing. A family passed me and I asked them as I looked at my wrist, "So when do they turn the water on?" They chuckled and went on. Another guy passed me and said, "I guess there's no water, huh?" I told him that they didn't turn in on until after ten o-clock. He kind of chucked and went on. I passed him again coming back to the parking lot when he looked at me with a serious face and asked, "Where you just kidding about them turning the water on at ten?" I chuckled and we both had a laugh for a while when he realized that I was, in fact, just kidding.

Looking up from all around you see the incredible tall rock formations. The one on the right is El Capitan where many people can be seen climbing up and repelling down this monolith.

I saw this coyote on the side of the road watching a small rodent in the grass. I stopped at a reasonable distance to try t capture the moment of the strike when a family in a mini-van pulled right up next to it and scared it away.

More pictures here as I looked in awe at El Capitan and some of the other peaks. El Capitan is where many skydivers have made base jumps over the years. Of course its against the law but that doesn't seem to stop them.

As I drove off I got a few shots looking back into the valley. Another shot here of the Bridal Veil Falls revealed that it didn't have much water flowing itself.

I came across some of the construction equipment there and found out that they are still building and upgrading the park. I had heard that they were planning on adding on a few more waterfalls and a peak even taller than El Capitan. (Just kidding)

More shots in the distance as I finally leave this place of wonder.

 I had never before been to Yosemite but had heard so many things about it. I would have to say that it is just about as impressive, if not more, than Yellowstone. I was so glad that I made this part of my trip.

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