Florida (Key West 1)

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Starting on Tuesday, November 05, 2002, 11:08:50 AM

The next morning I got up and went through my email and did a little bit on the web site. Then I went for a ride around town and found this place. The Southernmost point of the Continental United States. Look just to the bottom of that big marker and you can see the frog hiding there in the shadow. He got in quite a few pictures as everybody got up there to have their pictures taken.

So why did the chicken cross the road? Well, let me get back with you on that.

There around the other side of town is where the huge cruise ships dock. Did I mention "HUGE"?

Lots of things to do and see down in Key West. I just love the palm trees anywhere I go. It always gives that tropical feel that we always long for. I'm not sure if I could live somewhere that has palm trees. I'd constantly feel like I was on vacation and never get any work done.

Eww, a reminder of which way North is, this compass heading was painted on a pier, displaying all four directions of the compass.

A guy tries his hand at wind surfing as the pelicans watch in amazement and curiosity.

The three pelicans enjoy the view and the ocean breeze while....wait a minute.... what's this in the foreground?

"Nag, Nag, Nag!"

This one bird was just constantly chewing out the other one about something. 

Again, I love to watch the pelicans. Quite an amazing animal with huge wings they can sore on practically no wind at all.


Ahh, just hanging out on the beach with the frog.

More palm trees. I'm not sure which ones are which because they all look the same to me but some of these have coconuts on them, some have dates, and others have some weird stuff on them that I've never seen before.

As I enjoyed myself on the beach I could see that the sun was starting to head towards the horizon and I really wanted to get on my way before it got too late. Besides, I know it sounds kind of silly but I really wanted to see that seven mile bridge. You know, the one that they blew up in the movie, "True Lies".

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